Real estate advice for investments and asset management. Cross border.

The world is becoming ever more interconnected and integrated. Finance, trade, communications are clear examples. This applies to real estate markets too. Individual national real estate markets are merging into broader regional markets.

In the face of greater cross-border integration in all aspects of the economy many investors need to develop multi-country strategies while maintaining specialist local knowledge and access.

It is Oppenfield’s purpose to provide the bridge between the international perspective and the local. Monitoring the international real estate markets and making the right decisions in defining acquisition, asset management and disposition strategies is critical. And the ability to execute these strategies on a local level is just as essential.

The modern investor therefore needs to have onboard the best available know-how, creativity and expertise.

OPPENFIELD provides the investor with the tools they need when they need them. Through its strategic investment and asset management advice, local presence in key European markets and on the job assistance OPPENFIELD can help the investor reach their goals. Aligning interests with the client OPPENFIELD can also act co-investor.

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Strategic Real Estate Advice

OPPENFIELD provides strategic real estate advice helping investors to make the right decisions in the allocation of their funds. Through in-depth knowledge of the different local markets OPPENFIELD can give an expert opinion in defining strategies on sales and disposition, marketing, financing, product development and other relevant areas. If requested OPPENFIELD will execute on the defined strategies of the client and perform all relevant duties.


Asset and Property Management

OPPENFIELD can perform on a day to day basis local asset and property management duties for portfolio’s of all sizes. Taking care of the investment portfolio comprises all commercial, financial and technical aspects and includes owner representation to tenants. When investments are spread over several countries a harmonized reporting to the clients wishes in format and frequency can be included in the package.


Project Development

OPPENFIELD can act as delegated developer. OPPENFIELD can source opportunities for new developments or as part of an active value-add asset management redevelop existing properties and is able to manage on behalf of the client all aspects of the development process. Development activities comprise zoning, planning, budgeting and construction management. The marketing of the developed product is also included in the service.


Product Development

OPPENFIELD develops on behalf of the client structured real estate products with an international focus. These can range from bond related financial products to alignment of interest funds. Products can be newly created or find their origin within existing portfolio’s of the client. Fiscal and financial optimizing play a key factor within the development of the products.

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