Asset Management

The Oppenfield approach to Asset Management is about delivering the client’s goals and optimising real estate performance. We see Asset Management as a mindset and as a process. The process involves working with our clients to develop clear, ambitious business plans and use our local experience and resources to execute on those business plans. The mindset is about alignment of interest, ensuring we take a strong sense of ownership of the properties for which we are responsible, including giving objective advice on when further investment makes sense, when we should hold and when we should sell.

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Investment Management

Oppenfield is not a regulated investment manager but has plenty of practical experience in working with investors and regulated fund management providers. We can work with you and regulated service providers to set up efficient structures to allow for investment in individual countries or cross border vehicles that can invest in multiple countries. Oppenfield would then provide asset management, transaction management and strategic portfolio services to such bespoke structures.

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Market Entry & Transaction Services

Oppenfield’s local presence in multiple markets across Europe gives it a competitive advantage in seeing local trends, sourcing investment opportunities assets and identifying value. We are plumbed into the local markets through our relationships with owners, agents, developers and other key market players. Our teams have significant experience working with large and small institutional investors to help them carry out deal assessments and navigate the peculiarities of the due diligence and real estate acquisition process in each jurisdiction.

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